Our garden depicts the traumatic journey an amputee & limb impaired person goes through from trauma to a better quality of life. The garden uses planting and the healing power of nature to bring this message alive.

Since becoming a Quad Amputee in 1987 and now the Longest Surviving in the UK our Chairman and Founder Ray Edwards MBE has devoted his life to offer hope and support to all amputees and limb impaired along with their families and friends.

‘My personal journey from the rehab centre to home was hell and I could have visited a ‘halfway’ centre to ease my frustrations and understand my disability, this is why I have set a goal for limbcare to create A Well Being Centre’

Our Garden is the stepping stone to hopefully create awareness profile and hopefully corporate sponsors to achieve our goal.


Please see our list from the download below.

Please let us know via email what plants/plants you wish to sponsor.

Download Plant Sponsor Form and Plant List

We desperately require corporate sponsorship and funding for a new project - the 2018 Hampton Court Flower Show.

We have been approached by a local landscape design specialist who is wishing to work with our charity Limbcare, to design and build a garden depicting the traumatic journey an amputee goes through, from trauma to a better quality of life. This will be called 'THE JOURNEY GARDEN' and will use dark and light coloured plants, as well as many other ideas.
The landscape company has a certain amount but we require a further £6,000 to make this happen. Whoever is kind enough to support and sponsor this project, we will make sure their company logo is displayed prominently.
I am sure you are aware that the BBC and press are very much into this show and it will certainly bring all those concerned a better profile and also create a greater awareness.
I do hope you can help.

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